Mayarí municipal defense council evaluates actions to stop COVID-19


Consejo de defensaThe need for greater effectiveness in the investigations, so that all cases of people with symptoms reach the health care units as soon as possible and the maximum opportunity in care is achieved, were some of the recommendations left by a provincial inspection team that visited this Thursday to the municipality of Mayarí.

Two defense zones and entities such as cafeterias, the Banco Popular de Ahorro branch, the pizzeria, the family care system and the performance of a self-employed worker, were visited by the inspectors, who in addition to observing good environment in Mayarí in the midst of the confrontation with Covid 19, they pointed out negative aspects such as incorrect use of the nasobuco, especially in rural areas.

The inspectors also evaluated the need to increase the rigor in sanitary inspections and that biosecurity measures be strengthened in all health units and isolation centers, taking into account the phase of limited autochthonous transmission.

The foregoing was known at the last meeting of the Municipal Defense Council, where the application of decrees 31 of this year was also aired, due to their impact on compliance with the measures that are implemented to stop the contagion by the new coronavirus.

Bárbara Díaz Ramírez, president of the Defense Council, directed the health group to exhaustively monitor incidents in the system of surveys and rescue of suspects and that there is a differentiation, both in the transfer and in place of location, for pregnant women and children.

(Taken from Radio Mayarí)