The municipal assembly of the People's Power will meet this Saturday in Mayarí


Asamblea ppThe XX ordinary session of the municipal Assembly of People's Power in Mayarí, in its seventeenth term, will take place this Saturday at the house of local culture from 9 in the morning.

The highest governing body in the territory will review the accountability of the Municipal Administration Council regarding the fulfillment of its functions and powers.

During the development of the session, they will evaluate the performance of the permanent commissions that attend to local bodies and agri-food affairs, according to the announcement.

Among the planned topics, the rendering of account by the leadership of the Popular Council of Pinares de Mayarí also stands out.

For the development of the XX ordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power in Mayarí, special sanitary control measures are adopted in correspondence with the prevention of COVID-19 threats.