They evaluate the work of the administration council in Mayarí


asamblea marzoWith a reflection on the current situation regarding the confrontation with COVID-19 and the new measures that must be applied for the transfer of people who need to travel to the provincial capital in Holguín, the XX ordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of the Popular Power in Mayarí.

Yordanis Pérez Urrutia, the highest representative of this governing body, assured that compliance with sanitary measures must be sustained as the only vaccine today, so demanding greater control is essential to eradicate the threats of Sars-cov 2.

At the government appointment, the Administration Council gave a story of his management, highlighting the need to raise solutions to the population's proposals, where the territory lags behind in relation to the provincial average.

Geovanis Martín Gutiérrez, municipal mayor, explained the causes that cause the low solution to the problems raised by the voters and stressed that some directors of agencies respond that there is no solution and forget that the approach is still in force.

Likewise, Martín Gutiérrez referred to the situation in the housing construction program and the alternatives to seek to streamline the process, as well as the progress of investments in a general sense, where the lack of fuel, cement and steel, limit the execution of the plays.

Actions to improve the care system for pregnant women and reduce infant mortality, as well as the confrontation with criminal acts, were among the issues cited in the rendering of account by the executive body of the municipal assembly of People's Power.

Héctor Luis Laurencio Perdomo, delegate of popular power in constituency 42 of the Mayarí City Popular Council and representative of the commission of local bodies, reported on the management carried out today by that group specialized in advising the highest governing body in the territory and noted the shortcomings and challenges.

The advice of this commission and the quality of its operation was recognized by Yordanis Pérez Urrutia, deputy to the Cuban parliament and president of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power.

At another point in the meeting, the permanent commission for attention to agri-food issues gave an account of the work in the fulfillment of its powers, highlighting the control of essential programs for agricultural development.

Jorge Betancourt Pupo, president of the Popular Council of Pinares de Mayarí, informed the plenary about the performance of government representatives in that demarcation, the one with the largest territorial extension among those of its kind in the municipality.

The stable functioning in the work of the delegates of the popular power in the area, the active exchange in the community groups and the voters, the search for answers to proposals

Among the pending lawsuits in the area, Betancourt Pupo cited the final resolution for drinking water in the La güira community well, the needs for improvements in electricity generation in the town known as La Juba and to conclude the actions to stabilize the arrival from the water to Pueblo nuevo.

The general opinions on the aforementioned Popular Council, endorse an exemplary discipline on the part of its representatives, a fact that allows it to sustain a positive result on the rise in the midst of the Turquino Plan.

Dagmar Abat Noa, a member of the party's municipal bureau to address the ideological political sphere, said at the end of the meeting that the main mission is to listen and seek a solution to the people's problems and whenever there is no resolution of the demands, it must be explained well.

The quality in the construction of houses, as well as stimulating the production of food and increasing the movement of patios and plots within it, were annotations made by Abat Noa.

In the same way, the party leader called to continue strengthening the fight against crime and social indiscipline, while she recalled the need to comply with health measures to close the way to COVID-19.