Mayarí: People in isolation center decrease (+ Audio)


Mayarí frente a la covid 19The closure of four of the eight isolation centers that the municipality of Mayarí has today, in the east center of the city of Holguín, shows the results of the containment work carried out in the territory against COVID-19.

Given this novelty, local authorities warn not to neglect sanitary measures to avoid the outbreaks of the pandemic, which has affected 133 Mayariceros during 2021.

97 people remain in the isolation centers, contacts of patients infected with Sars-cov 2, Dr. Raudel García Estopiñán, director of public health in the municipality, stressed this Monday.

The doctor also reported a new positive diagnosis for COVID-19 and detailed that it is a 54-year-old man, a resident of Colorado upstairs and a confirmed case contact.

García Estopiñán drew attention to the need to maintain discipline in isolation centers and gave as an example the last of the cases, which he infected for violation of the internal norms of patients.

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