Health intervention advances with Abdala vaccination candidate in Mayarí (+Video) 


vacuna abdala en mayariAt the end of the third day of the health intervention with the Abdale vaccine candidate in Mayari, local public health authorities describe the progress of the administration process as successful.

Raudel García Estopiñán, director of public health in the municipality, assures that the four certified vaccination centers located in the health areas of Mayarí city, Guatemala, Levisa and Guaro are working stably.

Up to midday today, Wednesday, a little more than 800 health workers and students of medical sciences received the first dose, according to reports of the day.

The health intervention with the vaccine candidate began last Monday in this territory and includes the administration of the immunogen to more than 4000 people considered at risk.

In video the first moments of Abdala in Mayarí