Insist on improving the quality of governmental services to the population


cam junioThe strategic importance of attending and feeling as one's own the people's opinion states transcended this Wednesday in the second ordinary session of the Council of the municipal administration in Mayari in the month of June.

The 21 members of the governmental entity discussed in depth about the issue, recently addressed by the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, who revealed that there are still deaf, blind and mute managers out there in the face of the population's claims.

In this regard, Geovani Martín Gutiérrez, municipal intendant, said that although the solution is not always found, it is necessary to verify and verify the magnitude of the people's concerns, since each case is different, even if it is the same problem.

 Irene Martinez Diaz, official of attention to the population in the council of the local administration emphasized that it is a matter of differentiating the answers from the pretexts.

 As part of the most recent session of the executive body of the municipal assembly of people's power, the deterioration of the main indicators of the Mother and Child Program in Mayari at the end of the first four months of the year was also analyzed.

 Rogelio Ochoa Matos, director of work in the territory updated on the projections in the units of the System of Attention to the Family, SAF, for which 19 applications of people with unfavorable living conditions were approved.

 Also approved was the delivery of resources free of charge to cases considered critical due to their low economic solvency and because they do not have family members obliged to help them.

 Another aspect of the meeting was linked to the cultural development program in Mayarí, which was presented by Aracelis Mustelier Cutiño, the sector's highest representative.

 The directive recognized that despite the Covid-19, the community work continues, which has had to adapt to the current conditions and they are preparing to support with artistic options the health intervention in population groups at risk.

 At the end of the second ordinary session of the Local Administration Council, the Empresa Constructora de Obras del Poder Popular, whose investment plan for this year is 18 houses, of which four have already been delivered, gave an account of its work.

 Ortelio Leyva Rubio, general director of that force in the province said that the base business unit in Mayari shows progress compared to the previous year, and emphasized the need to comply with quality housing program.