Communication with health areas of Mayarí facilitated due to covid-19 suspicions


teléfono etecsaThe public health department in Mayari improves the communication system to facilitate the evacuation of doubts of the population in case of any symptoms suggestive of COVID-19.

Dr. Raudel García Estopiñán, municipal director of the aforementioned sector, stressed on Thursday that people can now communicate directly with their health areas and seek advice and updated information.

With this objective in the health area of Guatemala the telephone number 2459 2115 is enabled, while in Levisa the number 2452 6674 works.

Similarly, in the Guaro polyclinic, they will respond to COVID-19 related concerns through the telephone number 2459 6488 and in Mayarí the active lines for these purposes are registered with the numbers 2450 2832 and 2450 1269.

García Estopiñán also detailed the classification of the patients according to their symptoms, a denomination that classifies as mild those who present coryza, loss of smell and taste in the palate, as well as febrile fever.

Among the symptoms classified as moderate risk are those with fever higher than 38 degrees, persistent dry cough, diarrhea, marked weakness and shortness of breath.

The new public health protocol establishes that people with moderate symptoms do not receive the rapid antigen test and go directly to institutional admission.

It is also classified according to risk and symptomatology, and among them those at low risk are those who do not have any symptoms or these are mild, without any associated chronic disease that is compensated.

Otherwise, with associated chronic disease and decompensated, the patient will be admitted to health institutions within or outside the municipality.