Third accountability process began in Mayarí 


Delegado rinde cuentaThe pilot assembly of the third process of accountability of the delegate to his constituents in the XVII term of office of the highest governing body in Mayari, sparked a frank debate among residents of the 145th constituency of the Popular Council of Nicaro, 19 kilometers east of the municipal capital. 

Recognition to outstanding neighbors in the fight against COVID-19, homage to those who lost their lives as a result of this disease and the evaluation of the management of the People's Power delegate Jorge Danilo Hernández Rodríguez, occupied the attention of the residents of Río Grande this Wednesday night.

The democratic exercise was attended by Bárbara Díaz Ramírez, First Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Party, Aida Hernández Torres, Vice President of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power and Geovanis Martín Gutiérrez, intendant in the territory, as well as a representation of delegates of people's power from nearby districts.

Delegado recibe reconocmiento

After analyzing the report that summarizes the work of almost two years, which highlights the community contributions in district 145, the voters incorporated new concerns, among which he highlighted the improper breeding of pigs near the buildings, the need for support from state agencies to repair the roads and the urgency to ensure compliance with the cycles of delivery of drinking water.  

In response to concerns about the current economic situation and its impact on the social life of the communities, Geovanis Martín Gutiérrez, municipal mayor, underscored the challenges faced in the midst of an unprecedented sanitary crisis.

More than forty million pesos had to be spent in Mayarí alone to combat the pandemic, here the schools became field hospitals and the priority is always to save human lives, said Martín Gutiérrez.