Sanitary measures are reinforced due to the increase of positive cases of Covid-19 in Holguín

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Grupo temporal holguínThe health system in the province of Holguin strengthens actions and strategies against Covid-19, in view of the threat of the circulation of the new Omicron variant in Cuba, which could be circulating in the province due to the increase of cases evidenced in the last few days.

In a meeting of experts held at the provincial government headquarters, Amarilys Pupo Záldivar, provincial director of Hygiene and epidemiology, said that it is necessary to continue to strengthen border measures and surveillance of travelers, once they are in the community, the health area is responsible for monitoring and control.

In this regard, he pointed out that the arrival of national travelers should also be monitored, since there are open controls of outbreaks at the point of departure of people from other provinces that have caused community outbreaks.

Another of the measures to be intensified is the monitoring of respiratory consultations in the health areas and stratify where the movement of respiratory diseases is and act according to what has been established, in the same way it is essential to monitor the symptoms that come to the on-call bodies, and proceed with the same protocol used so far.

Another fundamental element, according to Pupo Záldivar, is the state health inspection, in order to ensure compliance with all the measures established, especially in workplaces and educational centers.

Regarding outbreak control, the head of public health in the province, Dr. Katia María Ochoa Aguilera, explained that a thorough review and strict follow-up of each case must be carried out in order to stratify the actions and behaviors to be followed in each health area, according to their characteristics.

Dr. Alexis Rodríguez, an official in charge of primary health care in the province, said that human resources are assured and rapid response teams are set up, while at the same time the strategy for carrying out active screening, a fundamental action for the control of the disease, is specified in each area.

Although the circulation of the omicron variant in the province has not yet been sequenced, the increase in the number of cases in the last few days constitutes an alert for the Health System and the population is alerted to increase the hygienic-epidemiological measures.


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