Etecsa in Mayarí facing advances and challenges for better communication

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Etecsa torreThe municipality of Mayari has more than 9700 fixed telephone lines to date, with the possibility of expanding this service during 2022, by planning the modernization of the systems in the area of La Pasa and La Siberia, in the Nicaro Popular Council, where a little more than 200 new access points are planned.

Likewise, a comprehensive solution will be sought for communications in the rural area of Cosme Batey, where Etecsa plans to install an outside plant with 600 pairs, which will also benefit the community of Herrera.

Luis Escalona Licea, municipal director of Empresa de telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. ETECSA, told Radio Mayari that the communities of La Güira, La Caridad and La Mora, in the Popular Council of Pinares, are still considered areas of very low coverage for telephone communication, while in Cabonico and Cajimaya access to the cellular network does not cover all areas.

When making a radio balance about the advances and challenges of the sector in Mayari, the director clarified that many of the 15 radio bases installed in the municipality are obsolete and do not have the necessary services, as is the case in Guaro and Nicaro, where the process of change should arrive in 2022.

In areas such as Levisa, where there is only one radio base with 3G technology, congestion levels are high when it comes to Internet browsing, while in Nicaro the alternative is still to seek links with the stations located in Saetía and Dos Bahías.

In addition to Levisa, the radio bases with third generation technology are located in Felton and Mayarí city, so the rest (9 radio bases) maintain 2G, considered inefficient for links to the network.

Only the municipal capital receives 4G services, although this shows intermittencies caused by the number of people with access to the network, which slows down traffic.

When referring to the investments for 2022, Escalona Licea highlighted the possibility of installing new radio bases at the top of the basic secondary school Mártires del Corynthia, Levisa, Loma de Cobalto, Nicaro; the town of Guatemala and the community of Guaro.

The referred entity keeps active the offer for the state sector, with installation and speed increase of connectivity services, whenever they demand it.

The increase of cellular telephony in Mayari has been exponential during the last years, with more than 40,000 active lines, which shows that about 45% of the total population of the territory has this alternative for communication.

In recent months, the decrease in the cost of Internet connection through mobile data is remarkable, while the installation of new nauta-home services continues to be at a standstill, with only a little more than 1,300 in the territory.

Etecsa in Mayarí maintains the operation of 13 wifi points for Internet access, some of them located in mountain localities such as Arroyo Seco and Pueblo nuevo de Pinares de Mayarí, a fact that shows the country's commitment so that everyone has access to a service considered vital in modern times.

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