More than 90 % of the mayariceros vaccinated with booster doses against COVID-19

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abdala vacunaMore than 90 percent of the mayariceros now have the complete vaccination schedule against COVID-19 with national products, including the booster dose, said Dr. Yanet Tamayo Laurencio, director of the Municipal Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology, Microbiology and Entomology.

The specialist added that Cubans who wish to travel to other countries, where they require vaccination schemes with different drugs, recognized by the World Health Organization, have the option of an immunization system in the international clinics of each Cuban province.

In the radio appearance, Tamayo Laurencio highlighted that in Mayari the trend of COVID-19 infections does not have a high incidence in the elderly, although there are more diagnoses in women.

At the end of Sunday, February 6, 5 new cases of infection with the pandemic were reported in the territory:

27-year-old man, neighbor of building 4 in La Siberia, Nicaro Popular Council, Levisa health area.

Woman 50 years old, with address in calle 25 # 9 in the Poblado de Nicaro, health area of Levisa.

52-year-old woman, neighbor of building 2, apartment 7, Poblado de Levisa, Levisa health area.

29-year-old woman, with address at 17 Street # 3 La Cañona, Nicaro People's Council, Levisa health area.

18-year-old woman, address: carretera Central a Mayarí, Consejo Popular Mayarí ciudad, 26 de julio health area.

The Municipal Center of Hygiene, Epidemiology, Microbiology and Entomology in Mayari also maintains an active control work against arbovirosis, with sustained work today in the eradication of 22 active foci of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.


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