Ordinary Session of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power convened

Asamblea poder popularYordanis Pérez Urrutia, Deputy to the Cuban Parliament and President of the Municipal Assembly of the People's Power in Mayarí, attended the XXIV ordinary session of the highest governing body in the territory, in its XVII term of office.

Sanitary measures are reinforced due to the increase of positive cases of Covid-19 in Holguín

Grupo temporal holguínThe health system in the province of Holguin strengthens actions and strategies against Covid-19, in view of the threat of the circulation of the new Omicron variant in Cuba, which could be circulating in the province due to the increase of cases evidenced in the last few days.

Municipal Administration Council analyzes socio-economic priorities of Mayarí

CAM diciembreThe elimination of illegalities in natural areas of Mayari, linked to human settlements and the special temporary authorization for the sale of food without payment of taxes in the doorways of houses, occupied the first minutes of the last ordinary meeting of the Council of the municipal administration.

New sanitary control measures in Cuba starting January 5

Cuba controla covid

Taking into account the increase in international travel since last November 15, it has been decided to modify the international sanitary control measures in Cuba and adopt others of a general nature.

With information and photo from Granma newspaper. 


Achievements for life among workers of the Mártires de Mayarí Hospital are evident

Hospital homenajeKeeping the maternal and infant mortality rate at zero is the best gift to life of the workers of the Mártires de Mayarí hospital in the context of the Latin American Medicine Day.


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