Enaltecen educadores de Mayarí vigencia del pensamiento Martiano

a José mafti jornadaCuba vive orgullosa su extensa e impoluta historia patria, la que ha sido escrita con sangre de valerosos héroes que adornaron las franjas de la bandera y la estrella solitaria, gritos de coraje que en los más difíciles momentos volvieron a crecerse sonoramente para convertirse en himnos de victorias.

Ferrobus services between Guaro and Dumoy cinco to be resumed

FerrobusAfter four months stopped due to technical problems, next Monday, April 18, the ferrobus that covers the Guaro-Dumoy five route will restart its passenger transportation service.

Low rainfall impacts water supply sources in Mayarí

Aprovechamiento hidraúlico MayaríAlthough the first day of March brought a light shower in some parts of the municipality of Mayarí, the low rainfall in February has had a negative impact on the water supply sources in the municipality of Mayarí, according to studies by the Water Utilization Company, Unidad Empresarial de Base Nipe-Mayarí (Nipe-Mayarí Base Business Unit).

Municipal Assembly of People's Power to meet this Saturday in Mayarí

Asamblea PoderThe twenty-seventh ordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power in Mayari, in its seventeenth term of office, will take place this Saturday from nine o'clock in the morning at the local party theater.

Etecsa in Mayarí facing advances and challenges for better communication

Etecsa torreThe municipality of Mayari has more than 9700 fixed telephone lines to date, with the possibility of expanding this service during 2022, by planning the modernization of the systems in the area of La Pasa and La Siberia, in the Nicaro Popular Council, where a little more than 200 new access points are planned.


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