They evaluate the work of the administration council in Mayarí

asamblea marzoWith a reflection on the current situation regarding the confrontation with COVID-19 and the new measures that must be applied for the transfer of people who need to travel to the provincial capital in Holguín, the XX ordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of the Popular Power in Mayarí.

Holguín: New measures from Monday

último minuto Holguín ok

As every day, the Provincial Defense Council in Holguín met and adopted measures as part of the strategy to confront COVID-19.

Among the issues evaluated on Friday night are issues related to the Legal Group and the Internal Order.

Mayarí maintains 28 active cases of COVID-19

Mayarí frente a la COVID 19

The municipality of Mayarí did not report new people infected with Sars-cov 2 in the last hours and has been active in 28 cases since the last 14 days.

Thus, the infestation rate per 100,000 inhabitants decreases to 28.8%, according to Dr. Raudel García Estopiñán, director of public health in the municipality.

The municipal assembly of the People's Power will meet this Saturday in Mayarí

Asamblea ppThe XX ordinary session of the municipal Assembly of People's Power in Mayarí, in its seventeenth term, will take place this Saturday at the house of local culture from 9 in the morning.

Mayarí municipal defense council evaluates actions to stop COVID-19

Consejo de defensaThe need for greater effectiveness in the investigations, so that all cases of people with symptoms reach the health care units as soon as possible and the maximum opportunity in care is achieved, were some of the recommendations left by a provincial inspection team that visited this Thursday to the municipality of Mayarí.