Mayarí in caring for people in isolation centers (+ Audio)

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consejo de defensa en GuatemalaImprove the comprehensive care that people receive, particularize their needs and seek alternatives to problems, were indications left this Monday by Bárbara Díaz Ramírez, President of the Municipal Defense Council in Mayarí, during the work visit to the Isolation Center located in the popular council of Guatemala.

The leader confirmed the operation of each mechanism and demanded greater agility in the distribution of food by cubicle, she was interested in the differentiated attention to minors, diabetics and hypertensive patients, while expressing concern about the change in the provisioning and the The work of the observers, who must be aware of each symptom of the isolates, but also of each of their concerns.

Since last February 15, the Renato Guitar Rosell polytechnic has functioned as an isolation center, where nearly two hundred people have already passed through, according to Magalis Díaz Toledano, the main representative of the place.

Prioritizing medical care in the limited area, also known as the red zone, is a guarantee of well-being there.

Together with two health observers, Dr. Alejandro Jimeno Andrian, he keeps an eye on the families and checks their emotional state in a special way.

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Hard work to ensure the stay of the isolated, search for solutions and sacrifices, can summarize this task of many in the aforementioned educational institution, converted into a health center in emergency situations, such as the confrontation with COVID-19.

In this story they all count and are necessary, as we well appreciate in the driver Pablo Céspedes Sánchez, the man who daily travels several kilometers in his tank car to guarantee drinking water for the isolated ones.

Going up and down the stairs, with thermos or food tubs, staying ready for any emergency call, always in the limited area for most, that is a complex task that they assume willingly like Yaniel Rodríguez Guilarte, the young man who came out of the guava jump where he works as a lifeguard to fulfill a similar assignment in the isolation center in Guatemala.

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The quality of food preparation must be a constant in centers where people are isolated as a containment measure against COVID-19, said Bárbara Díaz Ramírez, President of the Municipal Defense Council during the visit to the isolation center in Guatemala .

At the time of the visit, the low quality of the rice offered there two days ago during lunch and dinner hours was evident. The fact responds to the reception of a deficient product that comes from the central warehouses, but it is necessary to look for alternatives to improve its elaboration and that it has a more palatable consistency, the leader stressed.

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Mayarí in caring for people in isolation centers (+ Audio)

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