Mayari defense council advocates for new control measures in times of COVID-19

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caso de rabiaThe municipal defense council in Mayari evaluated this Saturday the application of new control measures related to sanitary hygiene in food production units and sales of high demand products to the population.

During the analysis, it was highlighted that due to sanitary violations detected in the candy store known as vitamalta, those responsible were fined for negligence in the cleaning of utensils and work areas.

Bárbara Díaz Ramírez, President of the Municipal Defense Council, stressed the urgency of increasing the rigor in maintaining hygiene in all food production units.

She also called to look for the necessary alternatives to increase the quality of bread, an activity in which there is a notable setback in relation to the first weeks of the year, and added that the respect to the people is to deliver a quality product.

Antonio Leyva Olmos, director of the food production company in Mayarí, assures that the difference in the flour used influences the poor quality and also generates problems in the elaboration machines.

Among the issues analyzed, he highlighted the controlled sale of products of high demand to the population, which must be carried out with all the responsibility and in each bodega to sell justly to the established nuclei, endorsed by the consumers' booklet.

The direction of the defense council oriented the creation of a governing commission, under the direction of Sobeyda González, head of the food subgroup, with the objective of achieving the greatest transparency in the reception and sale of goods in all the stores or commerce units of the territory.

One of the moments of greater exchange among the members of the highest management body in times of contingencies, was the one related to the confrontation of illegalities, with emphasis on resellers.

In view of the popular demands, the implementation of the electronic doorman in the La Isla store, which sells in MLC, where, according to the opinions of the majority of the population with the possibility of buying there, there is a group of people who acquire the equipment to resell it.

On the other hand, he emphasized that the regulation of cigarette sales is widely accepted by the public and from next month, cigarette packs may be acquired by members of the nucleus who are over 16 years of age.

Florencio Leyva Olmos, director of the trade and gastronomy company in Mayarí, assured that this process will continue for the necessary time and ratified the positive acceptance of the consumers.

The need to eradicate vulnerabilities in water tanks so that they do not become mosquito reservoirs and the better control of patients who must travel to the provincial capital for medical appointments, were also in the focus of the analysis.

The non-compliance with sanitary norms led to the application of more than three hundred contraventions in the territory, under Decree Law 31 of the Council of Ministers.

Public Health in Mayari works in the improvement of the sanitary control systems located in the work centers and raises the requirements to eliminate violations, he emphasized in the meeting.

Confronting COVID-19, saving the people and the economy are the fundamental elements for Cuba today, recalled Bárbara Díaz Ramírez, president of the Municipal Defense Council.

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