Integrality prioritized in food sovereignty program in Mayarí

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Consejo de la administraciónIntegrality must be a premise of the Food and Nutritional Sovereignty Program in the municipality of Mayari, a strategy that seeks to meet the food needs in the short, medium and long term, according to the first ordinary meeting of the Council of the municipal administration in the month of April.

To achieve the objectives, a multisectoral commission was created to work in order to advance in a staggered manner, promoting conditions in all the People's Councils.

Exemplifying the work at the grassroots level is essential, said Geovanis Martín Gutiérrez, municipal mayor, who listed the steps to increase the areas benefited by planting. 

The food sovereignty program offers relevance to the increase of pounds per capita delivered to the population, allows to dynamize the sales actions at the base as it happens in different communities where through resolution 99 it is sold in the warehouses and should encourage the best work in the productive forms.

According to evaluations of the council of the municipal administration it is essential to increase the mini-industries, as well as to complete the areas for the sowing of plantain, cassava, malanga and sweet potato.

Antonio Rafael Guimará Salas, President of the permanent commission of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power, to attend to the agri-food sphere, said that the municipality has potentialities to be exploited and referred to the incentives that several producers have today through direct sales in the warehouses.
Bárbara Díaz Ramírez, President of the Municipal Defense Council in Mayarí, affirmed that the population needs to receive more options for food and it is essential to take advantage of the resources that the territory has.

At the end of the meeting Díaz Ramírez underlined the importance of the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, soon to be held and the motivations it brings with it.

The leader called to decorate the work centers and to remember the historical victories of the Revolution in April and to wait with more productivity for May 1st, World Proletariat Day.

He referred to the movement to make economic contributions in support to the financial account for the confrontation to the COVID-19 and affirmed that the containment to the pandemic that today can be appreciated in Mayarí, is fruit of the consecrated work of many in benefit of all the people.

The priorities in the housing construction program, the strategy to increase the production of energy through renewable sources and the implementation of new type of base business units in the local gastronomy were also among the topics analyzed the day before in the Mayari Administration Council.



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