Social issues evaluated in Mayari's Administration Council 

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Consejo de la administraciónThe first May meeting of the Administration Council in Mayari began this Wednesday with an evaluation of the behavior of the responses of the state agencies to the voters' requests.

Geovanis Martín Gutiérrez, municipal mayor, called on the directors of the entities to be clear about the proposals and the state they are in, seeking efficiency in the process.

Martín Gutiérrez recognized the work of the management group of the community services company, which maintains an exemplary link with the communities and allows to clarify the points that are concerns of the voters, while improving the answers to the proposals.

During the meeting, he emphasized that from now on, a process of analysis of the main ideas emanating from the central report of the Eighth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, which ended on April 19, 2009, is being initiated.

The study of legal norms and inter-sectoral relations with government and administration bodies should prevail among the representatives of enterprises and state entities, according to the meeting.

Among the first topics evaluated this Wednesday by the Council of the municipal administration, the need to update the plans for the prevention and fight against forest fires, based on the last experiences of fires, was also highlighted.

In the last days, two fires were registered in Mayari, considered as minor, facts that alert about the vulnerabilities generated today by the drought affecting the country.

The municipal mayor referred to the urgency of making a creative use of social networks, which helps to provide clear and accurate information, arguing and consciously combating those who try to subvert the order in Cuba.

During the meeting it was announced that from September 1 to October 15, 2021 will be carried out the national verification of the internal control system in the province of Holguin.

It was also informed that the territories will work on the creation of a Contracting Committee that will define the destination of agricultural productions.

The process will be governed by the intendants and the committee will be made up of representatives of the delegation of agriculture, agricultural companies, cooperatives and agricultural producers.

During the analysis of the system of attention to the combatants, Yordanis Pérez Urrutia, President of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power, called to multiply the initiatives to seek answers to the needs of the 241 members of this organization in Mayarí, considered in the first category of combatants of the Cuban Revolution.

Among Pérez Urrutia's indications to the Council of the local administration were to prioritize health care for this sector, to consolidate the processes of visits that facilitate the exchange with them, to look for ways to eliminate any difficulty in their homes.

The Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution in the territory is also working to provide jobs for young people who have completed their active military service, he pointed out during the meeting.

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