Mayarí: Municipal Assembly of People's Power in Session (+Audio)

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Asamblea poder popularThe XXI ordinary session of the highest governing body in Mayari began last Saturday with a tribute to Ramon Castillo Fonseca, President of the Cabonico Popular Council, who died recently.

Yordanis Pérez Urrutia, President of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power, highlighted the ethical and moral values manifested in life by Castillo Fonseca and asked for a minute's silence in honor of the brave comrade.

During the opening of the meeting, the girl Leydis Thalía Paredes Neyra ratified with her song the support of the mayariceros to the Cuban Revolution and aroused applause to art and life.

The first topic discussed by the popular representatives was related to the responses of state agencies to the voters' proposals, highlighting progress in the demands categorized by office, according to Geovanis Martin Gutierrez, municipal mayor.

The need for greater linkage of the administrations with the community groups and the improvements in the responses of agencies, still below the provincial average, were among the notes made by the delegates of the People's Power.

During the meeting, the progress of the measures applied as part of the task of order in Mayari was also analyzed, where according to Pedro Giro Mejias, coordinator of program and objectives for the economy in the Council of the administration, the financial guarantees for more than four hundred families and the study by social workers in the communities seeking to deepen in each case, was central to the analysis under the premise of not leaving anyone unprotected as a basic social precept of the Revolution.

Yordanis Pérez Urrutia, president of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power in Mayarí, called to multiply the integral results in the districts, as a response to the proposals of the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.

The also deputy to the Cuban parliament, referred to the urgency of changing the work systems that over time do not offer positive results in favor of the people, an example that we assume the challenges of the great party meeting.

Pérez Urrutia also summarized the results to date in the confrontation with COVID-19.

Maité Pupo Romero, head of the auxiliary office of the secretariat of the National Assembly of People's Power in Holguín, was present at the meeting of government representatives.

The long day of work of the Assembly of People's Power in Mayari, met with about 60% of its members as a preventive measure in view of the COVID-19 threats.

At the end of the meeting, Bárbara Díaz Ramírez, president of the Municipal Defense Council, summarized challenges and commitments in the face of the challenges imposed by the new times.

Full report in audio here 

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