What forms of self-employment are still active today in Mayari?

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Cuenta propiaThe municipal department of labor and social security in Mayari, detailed on Thursday the measures implemented for self-employment in view of the complex sanitary situation faced by the territory.


Rogelio Ochoa Matos, director of the entity, said that several activities of the non-state sector were postponed for fifteen days, especially those which generate a concentration of people in public or closed places.

The director clarified that there are several modalities authorized to continue providing their services and they will be able to do so during the whole day until six in the evening.

Among the permitted activities are: food and non-alcoholic beverage vendors, always at fixed points; cart drivers or vendors of agricultural products, who must work from their homes, as well as couriers and gastronomic services in restaurants and cafeterias, always under the take-away modality.

Likewise, telecommunications agents, postal and insurance agents, collectors-payers, bookkeepers, bakers and commercial fishermen are authorized to continue their services.

In addition, those who practice this activity as agricultural workers, caregivers of the sick and elderly, muleteers or herdsmen, water carriers, palm tree cutters and renters of houses, rooms and spaces, the latter only for people who provide services related to state entities, will be able to work as self-employed during these days.

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