Reaffirmation in Holguin of the people's commitment to the Cuban Revolution

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Holguín reafirmaOnce again the Homeland called and the people of Holguin responded, in the historic La Periquera Museum a multitude, complying with the social distancing measures to avoid Covid 19, joined their voices for unity, peace and the continuity of the Cuban Revolution.

Thousands of Cuban flags of various sizes proudly waved for these Cubans who love and build. Songs, dances and poems reaffirmed the support of those present to the social system, which for more than 60 years, with more successes than mistakes, has been on the side of the humble.

On the occasion, the voices of young people were raised, such as university student Rubén Cruz Hernández, who along with many of his classmates on countless occasions has defied Covid-19 in isolation centers, and Dr. Yanet Pupo Estupiñán, a worker at the Pediatric Hospital Octavio de la Concepción y de la Pedraja.

For these young people, as well as for Yanelis Rodríguez Paneque, first secretary of the Union of Young Communists, UJC, it is very clear to them that Marti's thought: "Men go in two sides: those who love and found and those who hate and undo".

There before the historic balcony, from which Commander in Chief Fidel Castro spoke for the first time to the people of Holguin, these young people assured that most of them are among those who love and found and write, day by day, from their workplaces, the history of these times.

For his part, the First Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the PCC, Ernesto Santiesteban Velázquez, reaffirmed that the doors of the Party are open to dialogue, exchange, to listen and seek solutions to the problems of the people as long as it is done with respect and without aggression, because revolutionaries will never allow vandalism and violence.

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