Self-employment modalities to be reactivated in Mayarí

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Transporte en MayaríAs part of the orientations of the temporary group for the confrontation of COVID-19 in Mayarí and on the basis of continuing to stimulate the economy, always with the strictest sanitary control measures, they are working today on the reactivation of self-employment activities in the territory.

After several weeks paralyzed by the incidence of the pandemic in the territory, those who practice the different modalities of non-state work, will resume their functions after being personally notified by some authority of the corresponding governing bodies.

Hugo Caballero Ramos, Director of Finance and Pricing in Mayarí, pointed out that in activities where direct contact with the public is necessary, sanitary measures must be complied with more rigorously and gave as examples barbers and USB memory stick engravers.

The executive emphasized that it is necessary to learn to live with the pandemic and the self-employed need to reactivate their economies, which they determine in the families, a fact valued by the temporary group.

Caballero Ramos clarified that some activities will maintain their current status, since they facilitate the agglomeration of people. On the list of those who will not reactivate their work are the gymnasiums, the repairmen (until the school year begins), recreational equipment operators, room renters, audio operators and birthday or wedding decoration services.

In the information it is clear that carriers, especially drivers and bicycle taxi drivers, will be able to operate only with 50% of the passengers and always after being notified by the local transportation company. 


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