Why is Cuba not a failed state and what worries the U.S. the most?

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As reported by cnn days ago, in a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the U.S. President labeled our country as a "failed state" that represses its citizens; he added that he was not considering reestablishing remittances from the U.S. to Cuba, as he was worried that the Cuban regime would confiscate them; he also said, for example, that the U.S. was seeking to reestablish internet access in Cuba and that he was ready to send us vaccines against covid if an international organization would administer them and guarantee that average (?) citizens would have access to them. He also said, for example, that the U.S. was seeking to reestablish Internet access in Cuba and was ready to send us vaccines against covid if an international organization would administer them and guarantee that average (?) citizens would have access to them; the President also said that communism was a "failed system".


The "failed system" thing, although said as a simple statement and without any basis, is still a barbaric expression, which includes considering failed a system that still only exists in theory.

But more importantly, the main documents of the Obama and Trump administrations (National Security Strategy of 2015 and 2017; Strategic Defense Guidance of 2012; National Defense Strategy of 2018; Indo-Pacific Strategy Report of 2019 -reip 2019, among others) consider the People's Republic of China as the main strategic rival of the U.S., which does not seem to indicate that socialism can be considered "failed" for those who grant it the category of main rival.

Furthermore, in practically all the media of the "free" press, when referring to Cuba, the idea of "failed state" was reiterated and, in chorus, they dedicated themselves to spreading false information about the alleged "social explosion". Of course, the aforementioned press said nothing about the multimillionaire financing from the U.S. budget, which for decades, has gone to supposed NGOs, in reality organizations created and based mainly in Miami, to encourage subversion and the longed for "regime change"... in Cuba.

It cannot be overlooked by any observer that the "spontaneous outbreak" occurred practically simultaneously in different parts of the country and after the period of "softening" initiated as part of the fourth generation war, considering its promoters that the situation of the country was propitious for the soft coup as a consequence of:

01. The weakening of the Cuban economy as a result of the perverse punitive measures adopted by the Trump administration aimed at preventing the entry of foreign currency into the country for all purposes, including exports of services of all kinds;

02. The punitive measures aimed at preventing the supply of fuels;

03. The global economic crisis deepened by the pandemic, which also affects Cuba;

04. The actions aimed at preventing the acquisition of medical supplies, including those necessary for the elaboration of our vaccine candidates.

Reasonableness compels the analysis of the "failed state" to which President Biden insolently refers when talking about Cuba. I think we can agree, however controversial and intentional any definition may be, and without even going back to its murky origins and its use to justify interventions, that a "failed state" can be understood as one in which there is a power vacuum, where there is no guarantee of its functioning, including basic services, where its institutions are fragile and illegitimate, and which lacks the resources to meet the needs of its citizens.

Can anyone in his right mind think that there is a power vacuum in Cuba? There is no doubt, the answer is no, because many times the Cuban people have demonstrated that they are capable of creating the institutions they consider suitable and have decided the form of government they consider best for the democracy they have freely chosen.

Doesn't the Cuban State work? Don't the basic services in Cuba work? There is no need to even question the mental health of those who deny the quality of such services. The excellence of the Cuban educational system and the quality of its institutions, which ensure the country the human potential capable of collaborating in the training of thousands of professionals from other countries, of providing medical services to those who may need them in the world, even in exceptional conditions, of successfully facing the current pandemic, of producing vaccines, medicines and health intelligence for its control, are more than enough elements to dispel any doubt.

Don't the Cuban institutions, those of education and health, sports and cultural, academic and scientific, economic and financial, military, religious, social... work? No opinion that denies their functioning, or that considers them fragile or illegitimate, is objective, and can only come from ignorance, from sick or politically motivated minds.

We are left with the question of resources to meet the needs of the citizens. It is clear that the blockade has far from achieved its ultimate objective: to bring Cuba back into the imperial fold; however, the impact of Lester Mallory's strategy, outlined since April 1960, is undeniable: "the deprivation of Cuba of money and supplies to reduce its financial resources and real wages, to provoke hunger, desperation and the overthrow of the government".

In spite of the fact that when we compare ourselves with the Cuba of before the Revolution and with what we have achieved in the recovery of our independence, sovereignty and dignity; when we look at the road we have traveled in the elimination of all types of discrimination and other scourges, and after noting the material and human losses caused by the bacteriological warfare -which was waged against us since the infamous Operation Mongoose in 1961, and then continued with the introduction of the sugarcane rust (1978), the African swine fever (1978), the African swine fever (1978) and the African swine fever (1978), African swine fever (1971, 1979, 1980), blue tobacco mold (1980), dengue hemorrhagic fever (1981), hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (1981) - and grieving our dead, we feel satisfied with our triumphs even knowing and realizing how much prosperity they have stolen from us.

Although prosperity is not measured only by economic and material abundance, since it is much more than that, in order to be happy and fulfilled, no one doubts that it is necessary to satisfy, first, our material needs. And to prevent us from reaching such satisfaction, from Eisenhower, the 34th, to Biden, the 46th of the US presidents, some Republicans and some Democrats, have maintained and even reinforced the blockade, which only naive, ill-intentioned or mercenaries are capable of minimizing or unable to see.

 How much prosperity have they stolen from us?

During the more than 60 years of blockade, in current dollars (the mere fact that the calculation has to be made in US dollars indicates how impossible it is to minimize the figure), the cost has been slightly more than 140 billion dollars. In "round figures" and in 60 years, the figure does not seem relevant, about 2,400 million dollars a year, but because they are dollars with different purchasing power, the sum and the average make little sense. For this reason, and to be more precise, it would be better to make the calculation considering the gold that could have been bought with what would have been lost each year of the blockade, and then the figure changes significantly (just remember that since 1971 the Bretton Woods system ceased to exist, based on: 1 ounce of gold "troy" = $ 35 dollars; as I write this it is $1,804.84) to reach more than one billion (nine zeros) dollars.

But if the calculation were to be made considering the "lost profit", that is, the "profit or benefit not obtained... by the action of a third party", then the calculation should include about 70% that we would have consumed (each year and incrementally) and about 30% invested (of each year and also incrementally); also the results of the investments made and the accumulated and invested depreciations... for 60 years, which would change... during 60 years, which would change the progression until it would surely approach the trillion dollars (million million, this time with 12 zeros).

And the empire thought it would be possible to take advantage of the conjuncture of the sum of our shortages generated by the blockade and the economic crisis, and of the global pandemic, to apply to us the new forms of war that it had already used successfully before in other regions of the world... and tried to unleash chaos using its agents and the existing unrest, but the geo-strategy failed them.

They could not achieve the precursor chaos needed by the empire and Biden, the "globalist", the one who had pompously announced "the return" of the u.s.a. and his intention to "lead" the world. and its intention to "lead" the world; they needed it (and still need it and will continue to act) because they know that their geopolitical objectives are unattainable without "recovering" the increasingly elusive Latin America and the Caribbean, their "backyard", where they have lost their once hegemonic position and where Cuba is located, all of which makes it impossible to revive the Monroe Doctrine to exclude their main geopolitical rivals such as China, Russia and even Iran, from the American continent.


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