Exponential increase in COVID-19 cases persists in Mayarí

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Por eddadThe health authorities of Mayari warn about the non-compliance with the norms to prevent the infection with Sars-cov 2, a fact that determines today the exponential increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 in the territory.

Dr. Raudel García Estopiñán, director of public health in the largest of Holguin's municipalities, said on Tuesday that so far 46 people have died in the locality, who at the time of their death had symptoms of COVID-19, some of them with positive PCR.

Although in most of the cases the death due to the disease has not been determined, it led to the aggravation of the people, most of whom had comorbidities.

So far in 2021 Mayari has accumulated 1209 people infected with the pandemic and although the month of July appears so far with the greatest impact, with 620 cases, during the 18 days of August 294 have already been diagnosed.

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