Head of civil defense in Cuba assures that Mayari is prepared to face hurricane season

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Pardo Guerra en mayaríIn these tours we are making, we have verified that there is acceptance of the vaccine and that there are conditions to face the current hurricane season...said a few minutes ago Major General (r) Ramón Pardo Guerra, Chief of the National Civil Defense General Staff.

At the end of a tour of municipalities in eastern Holguín, the leader verified the fulfillment of the preparation actions to face the 2021 hurricane season and to stop the advance of COVID 19 in Mayarí.

In the meeting, held at the Lidio Ramón Pérez Thermoelectric Plant, Pardo Guerra also received information about the current generation situation of that industry, which keeps unit number one paralyzed due to a boiler breakdown.

According to engineer Osmel Maturel Reyes, director of the energy generating company, during the last 18 months they worked in the midst of the complexities that COVID 19 is dragging along and pointed out the search for solutions to the challenges.

Yordanis Pérez Urrutia, president of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power and head of the Civil Defense group when the Local Defense Council is activated, gave a general overview of the territory, with emphasis on the priorities to ensure the lives of people and economic resources in dangerous situations.

The Chief of the Civil Defense Staff inquired about the guarantees of energy alternatives to supply water pumping systems, especially during the impact of natural phenomena.

He also emphasized risk management plans, especially in large economic entities such as the thermoelectric plant itself and the Felton fuel base.

At the meeting, Dr. Raudel García Estopiñán, director of public health in Mayarí, informed that the territory has 1996 cases of COVID 19 so far in 2021, with the highest incidence in the last 3 months.

The opening of 8 centers for suspected and positive cases of the disease, add new alternatives to the two traditional hospitals in the locality.

Mr. Pardo Guerra reflected on the current complex situation the country is going through and in the midst of it the deficit of electric energy, now with greater demand by the population because a good part of it is at home and these months are very hot.

Bárbara Díaz Ramírez, First Secretary of the Party in Mayarí and Juan Miguel Martín Morán, coordinator for defense in the provincial government of Holguín participated in the exchange.

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