Mayarí included in new land use planning scheme approved by the Council of Ministers

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The municipality of Mayari is among the territories for the execution of the new scheme of territorial and urban planning of the tourist region of the province of Holguin, approved by the Council of Ministers and published in detail in the official Gazette No 104 of September 20, 2021.

The regulation contains the structuring model of the territory, the policies and determinations for the development until 2030.

The approval of the scheme of territorial and urban ordering of the northern tourist region of Holguin, includes the provincial capital; as well as the municipalities of Gibara, Rafael Freyre, Banes, Antilla, Frank País, Moa and Mayari, with their respective headwaters.

The stipulations are valid until 2030 and include the scope, national policies, the provincial territorial planning scheme, the planning scheme of the northern tourist region, the impact on the territory and the program of actions for territorial and urban planning.

It is clear from the official Gazette that it also establishes the efficient location of land uses and destinations in a sustainable manner; it offers a strategic vision and formulates flexible and dynamic territorial development models for the short, medium and long term investment process projection horizons, in correspondence with the physical-spatial scales.

The proposed Land Management Model seeks a balance between the municipalities and the development of the sectors, according to the socioeconomic plans of the territory, in correspondence with the Sustainable Development Goals.
During the last years Mayarí worked in the new scheme for the territorial ordering, as part of the province of Holguín, for what they will be able to put in practice the approved policies, among which it counts to promote the sustainable use of the agricultural ground; taking into account for it its natural vocation and availability of water.

In the same way it establishes to rationally exploit the mineral resources, to preserve the existing forests and to foment them in the places where they are degraded.

The policies for land use planning also establish the promotion of productive poles and encourage the development of tourism, while stimulating industrial development.

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