Schools reopened in Mayari

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inicio de curso okOn the eve of World Teachers' Day, several schools in Mayari reopened as part of the gradual return to the classrooms for the continuation of studies after the most complex stage in the confrontation with COVID-19.

At this first moment, a little more than six hundred students attending twelve grades in the local pre-university schools, as well as students from polytechnics and the December 7 pedagogical school were reinstated.

Although the number of students who have been incorporated to classes in person, as part of the restart of the 2020-2021 school year, represents only 4% of the students in Mayarica, the municipality has taken a significant step forward after 19 months of fighting Sars-cov 2.

The guarantees of a vaccination process against COVID-19 and the maintenance of sanitary measures, accompany the work in the schools opened this Monday.

At the municipal event, held at the Hermanos Martínez Tamayo pre-university, it was learned that students from the José Martí vocational pre-university institute of exact sciences, from the city of Holguín, will also attend this center, due to the current difficulties to travel to the provincial capital.

Among the norms established to avoid contagion with the pandemic, the formation of school groups of only 20 students, the obligatory use of masks and the sanitary filter at the entrance of each center stand out. 


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