Mayarí ready for the restart of the school year

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curso escolar reiniciaNovember 15 is the date set for the resumption of general and classroom teaching activities in Mayari, said this Saturday José Manuel Garcell Tamayo, director of the educational sector in the territory.

In declarations to Radio Mayari, Garcell Tamayo underlined that between November 2 and 19, the COVID-19 vaccination scheme for students is scheduled to be closed, but all children will be admitted to schools, whether they are vaccinated or not, as long as they do not have symptoms of the disease.

This Monday, November 1st, the more than 4,000 education workers will be reinstated, who will work in the habilitation of each space, after the disinfection process to which the centers used as field hospitals were subjected and general hygiene was ensured.

The Director reminded that since October 4, the students of terminal grades, technical and professional education, as well as the third and fourth year of the Pedagogical School have been incorporated to the on-site classes.

On November 20, more than 90% of the students should be in the classrooms and vaccinated, the rest, limited by causes such as active congestion of the disease, dengue or other health anomalies, will be reinstated gradually, he said.

The director of education in Mayari, clarified that after the reinstatement they will work until March 8 of next year in the present school year, date on which they will conclude all the evaluations in the different teachings, and on the 14th of that same month, they will begin the school period 2021-2022.

He also said that between the months of December 2021 and January 2022, the commercial units will sell school uniforms for continuing and new students, implementing the new model in clothing.

He also warned that as part of the sanitary safety measures, access to the interiors of educational centers, including children's circles, will be only for children, students, teachers and teaching support personnel.

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