Achievements for life among workers of the Mártires de Mayarí Hospital are evident

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Hospital homenajeKeeping the maternal and infant mortality rate at zero is the best gift to life of the workers of the Mártires de Mayarí hospital in the context of the Latin American Medicine Day.

The above was revealed on Monday at a ceremony held at this health institution, considered the most important of its kind in the country.

A solemn moment was the awarding of the "Hazaña laboral" medal to doctors Daimé Rodríguez Crespo, Maité Rafaela Batista Hamilton, José Antonio Sánchez La O and Norma Mora Ramírez, who are currently on a mission of solidarity.

This decoration is endorsed by Presidential Decree number 283 of 2021, with the objective of stimulating a group of workers belonging to various unions, in view of their courageous and outstanding attitude, inside and outside the country, in the confrontation with COVID-19, who have altruistically contributed with their contribution to the support of the health services.
to the support of health services in Cuba, as well as to the international solidarity with other
with other peoples of the world in the fight against this lethal virus.

In the act of recognition to the workers of the Mártires de Mayarí hospital, Dr. Irene Fuentes Peña, director of the institution, highlighted the effort of the collective to save lives in the face of an unparalleled contingency, such as COVID-19.

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