Municipal Administration Council analyzes socio-economic priorities of Mayarí

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CAM diciembreThe elimination of illegalities in natural areas of Mayari, linked to human settlements and the special temporary authorization for the sale of food without payment of taxes in the doorways of houses, occupied the first minutes of the last ordinary meeting of the Council of the municipal administration.

During Wednesday's work session, the governmental entity agreed to eradicate 24 illegalities in buildings and to continue the evaluation of new cases attended by the National Institute of Physical Planning.

The evaluation of new registrations and cancellations of the family care system, which provides food to vulnerable people, as well as aspects related to people who have economic benefits for construction, also occupied space in the meeting, where Geovanis Martín Gutiérrez, municipal mayor, called to deepen in the cases that have determined relocations of the territory and do not continue the execution of their works under subsidies.

Liliana Quiala García, Secretary of the Administration Council, reported on the state of response to the constituents' requests, by office and those included in the economy plan.

Entities such as the aqueduct, pharmacies, agriculture and the electric company, stand out among those that should speed up the solution to problems raised by the communities, she pointed out in the analysis.

At this point, the municipal mayor valued the state of the proposals and their answers, the complexity of each one of the topics and the necessary integral action to definitively solve the problems in the places where investments are made.

He assured that it is necessary to continue evaluating in detail the proposals that have explained the causes of No solution and referred that the tendency to the decrease of the proposals in the most recent process of accountability of the delegate to his constituents, is the result of the close link achieved in the base with the popular representatives during the hardest period of confrontation to the COVID-19.

Martin Gutierrez said that it is necessary to achieve greater linkage between the administrative staff and the communities, seeking better interaction and, when possible, solutions to the problems of the families.

He also said that in 2022, they will revive the tours of the Council of the administration by the districts of the territory, for the sake of a more effective linkage.

Complying with the terms in the answers to the proposals, although in many occasions the solution to the problem is not there, must be a constant of the directors of state entities, said Pedro Giró Mejías, coordinator of programs and objectives for the economy in the administrative entity.

Héctor Luis Laurencio Perdomo, delegate of the 42nd district and president of the local bodies commission of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power, stated that greater prominence must be given to the community meetings where the representatives of the people act as exponents of the local government body and expressed satisfaction for the response of the voters in the final process of accountability.

In order to be successful, it is necessary to want, know and be able, for the sake of the articulation that facilitates the solution of problems, a fact that can be achieved if there is greater participation of directors in the meetings of the People's Councils, said Laurencio Perdomo. .

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